Thursday, 20 June 2013

Brink Of Consciousness Apk + Data v.1.0.1 Full Version

Download and play game Brink Of Consciousness Apk Full Version for android. New update with version 1.0.1 include apk and data

Brink of Consciousness: Dorian Gray "at the" edge of consciousness: Dorian Gray Syndrome ", you want to help save his beloved mountain Muhuaierde Anna Sam's every move is being tracked, so he has to be careful. As a news reporter, Sam must find which madman kidnapped Anna and Anna have not killed before the completion of the tasks of this dense fog. Dorian Gray originated from the 1890 Oskar Wilde's novel "Portrait of Dorian Gray," was filmed several times since then, the oldest version is 1917 German version, the latest one is the 2009 movie was taken. This blend of horror, murder and philosophy, including the novel was numerous times onto the stage drama, opera stage and screen, there has been a recent version of the game allows players to experience.

  • Screen: From the name of the game you can see that this is a horror-style puzzle game, the game uses a slightly darker color screen, the background also multi-purpose luxurious classical interior design and decoration props, highlighting the theme of the story of the deep heavy feeling , let the story more into the feeling.
  • Sound: Music with deep archaic décor outset puzzle players must bring psychological pressure, but also to the development of the story even more suspense.
  • Get started: The game is played using the popular classic puzzle mode, push to find the item for clues to understand graphical puzzle with the word find puzzle gameplay tips, interspersed with abundant small game and binding and background stories.
  • Creativity: the capacity from the game is not a small point of view of the game content is very rich, theme story also makes the game even more bizarre and crazy beyond common sense, especially in the use of concept art showing the game's unique imagination and attractive story processes.
  • Playability: The game screen depicting delicate, unique visual artistic effect feels pleasing. Puzzle gameplay is very good, diverse puzzles will make you addicted to them unable to extricate themselves, struggled to find clues to complete the game will get an extraordinary sense of accomplishment.
Version: 1.0.1
Size: 290 MB
Required android: 2.3 and up

Download all files below
Install apk
Put data on Sdcard\android\obb\
Play the game

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