Friday, 21 June 2013

Monster Warlord Apk v.1.1.6 Direct Link

Download direct link Monster Warlord Apk for android. New update with version 1.1.6

Monster Warlord "is a game to develop, capture monsters and defeat your enemies! Welcome to the wonderful world. Here, you mean Nan Mika will help you turn your journey in this strange new world, you have to complete the task in front of you to defeat the mysterious monster. Your goal is to capture the strongest and most rare monster. But be careful! Lurks in every corner of the other players want to challenge your strength and your monster!

[Game Features]
  • Collect hundreds of different monsters!
  • Collection of various monsters: fire, water, wind, earth and dark lines, you can explore the task when they buy or find! Have a rare and mysterious monster, when you are doing the task may encounter they! each monster with its own special attributes, so the more the better!
  • Combined with monsters and upgrade! Combining two monsters to create an extraordinary monster! Mix is very rich, there are six different types of monsters, while there may be rare monster!
  • Join the family communicate with the players, to join the alliance with other players and become brothers! Act together, fight together to play BOSS!
  • The final BOSS battle, attacking evil BOSS guild members to share with your victory! You can even summon a BOSS to challenge, so that you and your friends to earn coins and turn reward!
  • Achievements and get rewards, each completed a task, you can unlock various achievements. You will get lucrative new items and rare items, experience points and skill points!
Version: 1.1.6
Size: 44  MB
Required android: 2.3 and up

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Download Direct Link

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